venerdì 21 ottobre 2011

Il Rito Proibito

The Forbidden Rite


For almost half a century, they have been persecuted, harassed, ostracized, denied, and degraded. They have been mocked and pushed to the corners of faith.

Who are these people and why have they been treated this way? They are those who still believe in the power of an ancient rite that had seemed to become almost entirely forbidden during the 20th century.

Yet in 2007, history began to change. The Vatican unleashed this once almost forbidden rite, requiring that every bishop, priest, and diocese around the world welcome those who desired it, and help them to obtain it.

Despite the many efforts of the Pope, who himself practices this ancient rite and desires for it to become the norm in parishes, their persecutors still abound within the Church, continuing to negate them the best that they can.

The battle is only beginning, but it is one that will change the face of the Catholic Church, and that of the world, forever.

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